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Tatuaje Pimp Hammer
Tatuaje Pimp Hammer
SIGLO Vibrant Series 200 Count Cigar Humidor
SIGLO Vibrant Series 200 Count Cigar Humidor
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to Havana Club, Honolulu. Thank you for stopping by. Please stay a while. We hope that we have something on our shelves that will bring a smile to your day. If you want something special get in touch with us.

Hi Gang, we all want to have fun; however, not at the expense of your safety. We are sad that we have to postpone No Joke Smoke this year due to COVID-19. You cannot have a great time if you are worried about your health and safety. It's the right thing to do. We will let all of you know what the date is once we are clear of COVID-19.

Da Kid is all about enjoying great cigars with great people. However, we are complying with the Governor's Directive to suspend. This is not a shutdown, once we get the all clear from COVID-19 come and hang Friday Nights (7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.), come and enjoy one with Da Kid and the infamous and the merry band of regulators at the Fleet Reserve Association, 891 Valkenburgh Street. Great cigars, Great People, Zero Pretentious Snobs and Zero Drama!

Da Kid always try to give as much back as possible to you. With our Reward Program, Da Kid gives you back. It is not only about take for Da Kid, I give back to you!

Help us fight the minority who are slowly taking our freedoms, to enjoy our cigars, away. Please join the Cigar Rights of America to help protect our rights from the few who believe that their beliefs are more important than your own. All it takes for the forces of evil to rule this world is for enough good people to do nothing. Please do not be the few who sit by and watch, please speak up!

Please stay a while. Thank you for all of your wonderful calls and for your business. We do not take any of you for granted and we hope that we can serve you. Thank you for stopping by Havana Club, Honolulu.

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SIGLO 3 Cigar-Lacquered Spanish Cedar Pocket Case
SIGLO 3 Cigar-Lacquered Spanish Cedar Pocket Case

This case can accomodate three robustos that have their own separate compartment. Very elegant.

Quantity Out of stock

SIGLO Steel Watch
SIGLO Steel Watch

The Siglo Watch is crafted, assembled and controlled in France. The factory that manufactures the watch has been making watches in France and Switzerland since 1916. Looking at its elegant design, the case, crown and strap buckle are stamped and machined in high quality anti-corrosion, hypoallerg...

Quantity Out of stock

SIGLO Key Chain Punch Cutters
SIGLO Key Chain Punch Cutters

The Siglo Punch Cutter doubles up as a key chain thus solving the hassle of carrying both a cutter & a key chain. In sand finishing, the punch cutter has a rotating mechanism that punch a hole on the cigar effortlessly.

Quantity Out of stock


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